Houston skyline

That’s when I let’em know
Ho, there’s no southern hospitality
’Cuz when dey get here
They the southern fatality.

Scarface – Southside: Houston TX

Space City. Bayou City. Contested City. Deep in the heart of Texas lies the sprawling metropolis of Houston. Named for the Father of Texas, today more than 6 million people live in the Houston area and predators always follow prey. The Red Court wants to carve out a new territory. Ghouls and weres battle for control of hunting grounds. The White Court controls the nightclub scene and maybe a lot more. Summer fey defend their demesnes against Winter – and each other – from Clear Lake to Kingswood. Scattered throughout are magic-users with no loyalty to the White Council. In the middle, a group of reluctant heroes tries to survive the mean freeways of H-town while the dark clouds are rollin’ in.

Houston. It gets crazy after dark.

Sprawlin' on the Bayou